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Anti Bullying- Let’s All Champion It!

Bullying hurts all of us. Help stop it. Foster a culture of empathy, communication, co-
operation and collaboration.



Please provide your input prior to the closing date: March 4, 2019

Consultation Invitation to School Councils

This message is sent on behalf of Jim Spyropoulos, Executive Superintendent, Human Rights and Indigenous Education

To: School Councils  The Caring and Safe Schools Policy (P051) is currently being reviewed.




Consultation Invitation to School Councils

This message is sent on behalf of Manon Gardner, Associate Director, School Operations and Service Excellence

 To: School Councils

The Restrictions on Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Use Policy (P0XX) is currently being developed.



 Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Staff Breakfast. It was a huge success and muchly appreciated.


The time is NOW!

Direct Donation Drive Continues!



Please support our annual direct donation campaign, raising funds to support our children’s continued success and enrich their experiences in and outside the classroom. We can do it!

Funds raised are allocated across a broad range of co and extra-curricular opportunities. Here’s a small sampling of how funds raised are put to excellent use:

  • Academics: multi-media printers, VR goggles, classroom tools and learning kits, workshops, etc
  • Arts: auditorium and stage lighting, supplies, etc
  • Athletics: LP uniforms and jerseys, school spirit support, track and field equipment
  • 10% of every donation will be used to support students in need

You can see and read more about our Fundraising Dollars at Work here

No donation is too small, and every donation will have an important impact! Please give what you can!

Click here to – DONATE NOW


Thank you for your support!


Anna Richter                           and                  Anne Marie Armstrong
Chair, LP School Council                                 Fundraising Committee Chair, LP School Council

Please note that LP School Council has a process to allocate direct donations. To see the LPCI Student Enrichment Fund Application Form and the 2018-2019 LPCI Parent Council Direct Donation Disbursement Guidelines please visit the fundraising section of our Parent Council website.




Your Donations At Work –

LP Art Council paints pillars with monies provided by LP School Council. See story here