Resolution: Be it resolved that the School Council of Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute is very concerned about the recent deaths of persons of African American ancestry by police officers in the United States as well as other related events.  We would like to express our very strong concern about this situation.  We would also like to express our commitment to the equality and human rights of persons of African ancestry and of their right to live free from violence or discrimination from those in positions of authority.

Saluting Our Grads

Parents of Grade 12 LPCI Graduates!

 Congratulations to all the Grads and to all of you who have supported them along their path to this life milestone. While our grads still have so much to be grateful for and to look forward to, we know it’s been hard for their high school years to end as they have. So, to let them know how proud we are of them and to hopefully bring a smile to their faces, we have made lawn/window signs and you can order yours TODAY! As well, a large banner will hang above the auditorium door entrance at the school, providing a great backdrop for a family photo with your grad! 

 Simply follow this link to register for your sign. These are parent-led initiatives, not funded by the school. At the end of the form is a link to take you to a secure payment site, one we’ve used for fundraising in the past. The signs cost $5 each. 

 Volunteers will be delivering the signs starting this weekend and into next week. Our hope is that all 295 graduating students receive a sign. If you are not a parent of a Gr 12 student but would like to donate or purchase a sign, please do! Let’s get signs throughout the neighbourhood! 

 We wish you all the best for the summer and your graduate’s future endeavours!

2019-20 School Council

Meet your 2019-2020 LP School Council:   Principal Aiman Flahat, Erika Boone, Julie Sole,  Alex Sabharwal, Anna Richter,  Karen Barasch, Kristen Glenister,  Ian Aukema, Resa Eisen,  Jen Tse,  John Hiddema, Anne Marie Armstrong, Kelly Green, Liz Hanson, Marina Chernyak,  Ann Moffett, Suzanne Sparrow (Teacher Rep), 
Student Liason Reps Ryan &  Samantha

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MySchoolDay app – this app is replacing the “Credo” agenda at LPCI. It is easy to use, and is able to provide a great deal of information about your child’s day at school as well as more general information about the events in the LPCI community in one location. Go to your app store to download it for FREE.

Anti Bullying – Lets All Champion it!
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