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September 2022 Meeting Minutes

LPCI School Council Meeting

Monday, September 19, 2022


Next Meeting:  Monday, October 24th, 2022 @ 7pm in the library and on Zoom


Chair Liz Hanson (outgoing), Principal Michael Griesz, VP Emily Saylor, VP Gillian Moore, Teacher Rep Suzanne Sparrow (online), Suzanne Duras, Jennifer Dobson (incoming Co-Chair), John Hiddema, David Calloway, Philip Roberts, Patricia Kay, Elena Solokhina, Steph Rickard Chadda, Lori Rosenberg (online), Robin Conliffe, Andrea Fry, Jennifer Tse (37 attendees on Zoom, 30 in person)

Absent: Pamela Wilansky (incoming Co-Chair), Leigh Felesky (Marketing/Communications Rep)

Key Dates:

  • This Wednesday, September 21st – PICTURE DAY
  • This Thursday, September 22nd 6 – 6:30pm – Welcome Event for new families
  • This Thursday, September 22nd @ 6:30pm – CURRICULUM NIGHT for GRADE 9 parents
  • This Thursday, September 22nd – Info Night re: track / field proposal from Toronto Scottish Rugby Club @ The Duke of Kent Pub
  • Friday, September 30th – Truth & Reconciliation (Orange Shirt) Day
  • Weekend of October 1st – 2nd – Ontario University Fair at @ Metro Toronto Convention Centre 9:30am – 5pm, daily (visit to register for your student’s free pass)
  • Monday, October 3rd – Terry Fox Run
  • Tuesday, October 4th – LP Grade 9 Semi-Formal

Intro – Principal Michael Griesz

Gillian Evans – VP (surnames A to K)

Emily Saylor – VP (surnames L to Z)

Welcome, Emily, to her first year at the school! It is Gillian’s second year – welcome back to LPCI!

First time doing a hybrid meeting – in person and on Zoom. It was great to see everyone in person after 2 long years!

  1. Student Council Update – Chloe Oborne, Student Council President & Emma Watts, Student Liaison Rep, (Anna Lingard (absent), Student Liaison Rep)
    • This week is LP Spirit Week – spirit assembly took place today with high spirits! Assembly was run by the students – all clubs and councils represented
    • Buddies Council – bake sale this Thursday, along with Activity Day for Grade 9s for games and stations during 2nd period class
    • Friday – Student Council (SC) giving out free freezies if students wear school colours blue & gold
    • Monday – jersey day
    • Tues – PJ day
    • Wed – Picture Day (crazy sock day)
    • Thurs – flannel day
    • Friday – blue & gold day
    • Club Fair – Tuesday and caf at lunch – clubs will set up stations and students can sign up for clubs
    • Student Price Cards (SPC) being handed out tomorrow (if purchased on School Cash Online), and can be purchased in person on Tuesday, Sept. 20th – they offer 30% discounts at select retailers
    • Buddies Council – sessions started already
    • Lawrence Park Athletic Council (LPAC) – Running the Activity Day this Thursday – for Grade 9 and Buddies
    • Gr. 9 Curriculum Night Thurs 6:30pm
    • Selling old stock of LP wear, Polling student body for new LP wear designs, Trying to push up timeline for LP wear (before winter break)
    • Home Form Rep program – starting up again – reps can run or be elected, helping with Charity Week (Nov); must be a home form rep to run for SC
    • Students can run for council heads at the end of the school year
    • Intramurals – how to join? Anyone can join, sign up through club fair at LPAC station
    • Check LP Instagram accounts (LPAC, etc.) and Google classroom (students can check there)
    • TDSB Connects App for students
    • For parents to receive Google Classroom notifications – up to the individual teacher to invite the parents, teachers use either Google Classroom or Brightspace
    • Spirit Cards – new form of payment at LP – for use all year long at school events to pay for food, activities, etc. – available on School Cash Online (will be available to purchase all school year long)
    • Upcoming Events – Halloween costume parade around the track with music
    • Truth & Reconciliation Day event Sept 30, Orange shirt day (LP will be selling orange shirts)
    • For any students transferring into the TDSB from another school board and having difficulty with the process, please contact your Guidance counsellor
    • Terry Fox Run – managed by the Wellness Council (October 3)
    • Grade 9 LP semi-formal on Oct. 4
    • There will NOT be any school semi-formals for this school year (other than the one mentioned above for Grade 9s)
    • The upcoming semi-formal for Grade 10s and 11s is NOT a school sanctioned event – LP is not encouraging students to attend that event (no adult supervision, no liability insurance)

PARENT QUESTION: Is the first period of the day “Home Form”?
Answer – Yes, correct.

PARENT QUESTION: Are lockers assigned by the Home Form teachers?
Answer – Yes, correct.

PARENT QUESTION: Does the Home Form teacher / room change next semester?
Answer – Yes, correct.

  1. Chair & Executive Reports
  • Approval of June 2022 minutes:  motioned to approve John Hiddema, seconded by Jen Dobson, all in favour – approved

Outgoing Chair, Liz Hanson – introduction of Parent Council Executive Team:

    • Parent Council Executive Team – Chair, Vice Chairs, Secretary, Treasurer, Co-Treasurer
    • Executive Team voted in by Council
    • Charitable receipts available for donations received via School Cash Online




Pamela Wilansky

Vice Chair

Jen Dobson


Jen Tse


Special Treasury Subcommittee Chair

Special Treasury Subcommittee Vice-Chair

John Hiddema, Patricia Kay

John Hiddema

Patricia Kay

  • Marketing & Communications – Lori Rosenberg, Leigh Felesky
    • Announcements via various communication vehicles, posting minutes on website, featuring teacher/staff in The Eye
  • Treasurer’s Report – John Hiddema, Patricia Kay
  • Fundraising Committee – Steph Rickard Chadda – will Co-Chair end of year auction with Marni
  • Wellness Committee – *POSITION AVAILABLE – portfolio includes Pink Shirt Day event, wellness events, working with teacher responsible for student wellness portfolio, Wellness Week events
  • Welcome Committee – Suzanne Duras, Elena Solokhina – Thursday event 6-630 Welcome Event for new families (prior to Curriculum Night)
  • Equity Committee – David Calloway – working with Equity Student Council (David will also help with The Eye) – Indigenous, black history events, speakers etc.

  • Ward 8 Rep – Lucy McSweeny – Ward 8 Trustee Shelley Laskin  – interface with Trustee Laskin and Superintendent Andrew Howard – new parent would like to share the role with Lucy (Rachel Henderson)
  • Community Reps – Robin Conliffe & Lana Sheinbaum – communicating with the community inside and outside of LP and supporting needs of the school, working on supporting the high school experience for students
  • Safe & Caring School Committee Rep – Andrea Fry – one parent, one student, one non-teaching staff member, and the Principal sit on the committee with the Safe & Caring School Rep; some issues being addressed: cell-phone use, vaping in washrooms
  • Facility Improvements Subcommittee – Phillip Roberts – reviews building condition report, tracking improvement / proposal with Toronto Scottish Rugby Football Club – Info Night this Thursday at Duke of Kent for presentation (open to all parents), proposed use time limited to Tues night/Thurs night/Sat morning, new turf, track and lighting, renting the space to external organizations which would finance the replacement which would be required after 10 years of use; amazing opportunity to improve the outdoor sports space with external funds from the Rugby club; 6-month to completion for entire project that would be commenced during Summer 2025
  • Environmental Protection & Action on Climate Change (NEW position) – Elena Solokhina
  • Parent Engagement Subcommittee – Suzanne Duras – there is usually a grant to apply early in the fall – to secure funds for a speaker
  • French as a Second Language (FSLAC) – Robin Conliffe – working with Mme Benet to enrich the French Language program at LP, attending TDSB FSLAC meetings

PARENT QUESTION: Are we looking for more volunteers for the Facilities Improvement Committee?
Answer – Yes, Co-Chair or Subcommittee member positions open. Speak with Rep Phillip Roberts for more info.

PARENT QUESTION: Parent possibly interested in Wellness Committee role.
Answer – Speak with past Wellness Chair for more info.

Motion to approve team – John Hiddema

Seconded by Patricia Kay

Approved by all Council members

  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • Signing Officers – 2 have graduated out
  • Motion to allow Liz and previous Co-Treasurer, Ian Aukema, to stay on as signing officers on behalf of School Council until we have new signing officers in place at the bank
  • Approved: John H., Seconded: Patricia K.
  1. School’s Report – Principal Michael Griesz
  • School council provided coffee and food for first staff meeting Sept. 6 – thank you!
  • Grade 9 Curriculum Night this Thursday – parents are encouraged to attend and meet staff and get a sense of the school facilities
  • Remarkable start to the school year, amazing energy in the building!!
  • Twitter account now active – (account
  • Math Dept. – instruction has been revolutionized via group work, more reflective of the workplace, backed by data
  • Morning assembly today, positive tempo to the school year already
  • IEPs being drawn up and parents will be consulted where necessary, provide accommodations, etc.
  • Online student forms, excursion permission, etc. being completed online by parents
  • TDSB-issued devices available through one-to-one program – devices will be distributed Sept. 20th in the school
  • Covid-19 – we follow Ministry mandate – self-screening, TPH and Ministry recommendations
  • Student Activity Fees – $60 per student can be paid via School Cash Online
  • Non-TDSB website in the works to communicate broadly to parents – should be unveiled by end of this school year – part of the student fees will go towards supporting this website
  • Parking policy – student / staff parking – trying to manage the north and south lots so that it’s only used by the LP community, for safety
  • Students in north lot only, teachers can park in either lot – passes are required to be dash displayed
  • Oct 1st – 2nd Ontario University Fair – Grade 11 & 12 parents and students encouraged to attend
  • Moving back into exams this year – department to department led (teachers are not required to run exams)
  • Indigenous Education Committee – about ¼ of LP staff are members of this committee, interested in conveying a strong Indigenous narrative in the LP community, Orange Shirt Day Sept 30, Friday extended announcement around Indigenous education, TRC, Orange Shirt Day, bring attention to the parent body via School Council – 15-20 minutes at following council meetings to share with parents; annual event in the Spring to bring students, staff and parents together
  • Climate Change – congrats to school council to form new representative role re: environment
  • façade of the school being cleaned, landscaping, working with a parent from Leaside and Project Swallowtail to renew garden/green space with native species of plants/trees, wrought iron fencing to protect planting, Principal Griesz lobbying with the Board for funds
  • Hope to partner with the Urban Indigenous Education Centre re: medicine garden
  • Exciting plans for the Hospitality Program – vision for it to take over and run the cafeteria, being sustained by the garden space

PARENT QUESTION: Is LP support for student adjustment to the semestered system from terms in middle school available?
Answer – We have many layers of support and more that can be done. Staff are changing their instruction format due to the longer class duration. Student activity day, spirit week, etc. to get students comfortable with being back in the school. Late start coming up – last 2 Wednesdays of each month.

PARENT QUESTION:  Is there a curriculum night for older students, or only Grade 9s?
Answer – It was traditionally for all grades, however, only Grade 9 teachers will be present for this week’s event.

PARENT QUESTION: How many students are at LP? French vs. Eng? How many teachers?
Answer – 1,349 students, 74 staff (over 80 staff with caretaking and office staff)

PARENT QUESTION: Have you had good response re: peer tutoring? (students signing up to tutor)

Answer – Yes, we do get a good response.

PARENT QUESTION: Is the math tutoring at lunch by teachers or student peers?

Answer – Teachers

PARENT QUESTION: Will LP remain semestered?

Answer – The plan is to remain semestered this year. Some schools appealed to the Board and did have it changed, but LP was not one of them. There are advantage and disadvantages to both systems. This is the safest option for students and staff right now. There was never an option to appeal to the Board. 99% of TDSB schools are semestered.

Please Note: Students are encouraged to self-advocate when faced with issues or questions relating to their school experience. The following lists the line of inquiry, starting with their relevant teacher:

Student Self-Advocacy Process Hierarchy:

  1. Teacher
  2. Guidance Counsellor
  3. VP
  4. Principal

Motion to adjourn: Patricia Kay

Seconded: Steph Rickard Chadda


Thank you to Parent Council members who brought snacks for tonight’s meeting!

April 2022 Minutes

LPCI School Council Meeting

Monday, April 4, 2022 7pm on Zoom


Next Meeting:  Monday, May 30th @ 7pm on Zoom

Council Attendees: Chair Liz Hanson, Co-Chair Pamela Wilansky, Principal Michael Griesz, VP Victoria Johnson-Lee, VP Gillian Moore, Teacher Rep Suzanne Sparrow, Teacher Derryl Fain, John Hiddema, Ian Aukema, Suzanne Duras, Philip Roberts, Karen Barasch, David Calloway, Lori Rosenberg, Elena Solokhina, Lucy McSweeny, Robin Conliffe, Jennifer Tse


  • Welcome to our new Principal Michael Griesz
  • Approve February 7th School Council Meeting Minutes 
  • Student Liaison Reps Update
  • School Council Executive Reports
  • Principal Report
  • New Business



    • Parent/Teacher Interviews (online) – Thursday, April 7th 
    • Monday, April 11th – last day to purchase Prom tickets (Grade 12s)
    • Huddle Up – assembly scheduled for April 14 – Int’l day of Pink, Course Selection Info Session for parents next Monday, February 14 – link in The Eye
    • April 15th – Yearbook – Grade 12 baby photos last day to submit


  • Mid-semester Grade 12 marks will be released the week of April 25 (universities waiting for them)


  • LPRO – annual outdoor clean-up in Chatsworth Ravine – students can get volunteer hours – April 27th 
  • Prom date is Friday, May 13 at the Liberty Grand (no longer in Vaughan)
  • Commencement – proceeding with in-person plans, Wednesday, June 20 at 1pm @ Parkview Manor


[John Hiddema approved/Philip Roberts seconded February 7th Meeting Minutes]



Welcome Principal Griesz



  • Most recently Principal at Leaside for nearly 2 years, prior at an Indigenous school, Earl Haig for several years
  • Thankful for outstanding students at LP, has been meeting students in the halls
  • Remarkable staff – please take a moment to reach out to your child’s teacher to thank them for all that they’re doing during the pandemic, they are doing an outstanding job
  • Main office & Guidance office – seamless transition thanks to support from our VPs and Guidance admin staff
  • Looking forward to working with parents to make LP even better!



Student Council Liaison Reps Update – Adam Barbour, Simian Xiao


  • Grad hoodies – orders going out this week; designs will be voted on via online survey; 4 weeks after ordering they will arrive
  • Charity Week – following Easter weekend – (week of April 25th) – School Council have selected 3 charities 1) Eva’s (helps homeless teens), 2) Stella’s Place (youth mental health), and 3) Pathways to Education (focus on helping low income teens with educational supplies); Buddies and Green Council will help 
  • Student Council will do a raffle for Charity Week – signed Leaf’s Jersey, Jays tickets
  • Chemistry Contests, Math Contests
  • BSA hosting 90s day tomorrow (April 4)
  • PJ day Thursday (April 6) – free waffle
  • Boys’ hockey, badminton, volleyball, track & field events ongoing
  • LP Wear will be distributed over the next 2 weeks
  • Starting up LP elections for next year, next Monday; alumni association members also placed orders for LP Wear – council to advise how these items can be collected and distributed (advise Liz Hansen)
  • SC planning Spring Fling fun fair in early to mid-May


School Council Executive Updates

Treasurer Report (John Hiddema) – no further revenue since last meeting; $795.00 expenses since Aug. 1

  • $4,651 bank balance, TDSB holding $118 for school cash online, $1,000 balance for unrestricted online banking services
  • John and Ian chairing committee with TDSB officials on parent involvement/engagement re: fundraising – moving $ from school cash online, we have obligation as fundraisers to report on this – discussions are pending with Board officials, no later than next year, get back to fundraising events as we have done in the past


Steph Rickard Chadda – Fundraising

  • Nothing executed yet 
  • Looking for items to spend on 
  • Opportunity via Woodward Meats (frozen packaged meat products) – 6% back to school for online purchases, plus bonuses when levels are achieved – will circulate via The Eye
  • Social event – need to gauge how people are feeling about gathering considering latest Covid wave – may need to be outdoors


  • Karen Barasch – Update on Wellness Committee
    • Huddle Up – assembly scheduled for April 14 – Int’l day of Pink, Wellness will work with Equity Group for assembly geared to end bullying, end homophobia in the school environment
    • Mindful Moment is back on Google Classroom – colouring, mindful meditations, other self-guided activities
    • Wellness Week is still in the planning stages – no update
    • Grant being shared with Equity Group – open to ideas on what we would like to see involving the whole school community – total of $500 for both groups ($250 each to Wellness and Equity Committees) – do these fees have to be used in a specific way? – Liz to advise
  • Equity Council – David absent during this segment – no update
  • Phillip Roberts – Facilities Improvement – Google Form shared with Council prior to this meeting to explain last provincial ministry facilities carried out in 2019, may have been delayed; report details aspects of the LP building that are in need of urgent attention; 6 most urgent according to the report – should have been dealt with by now – purpose of form is to collect opinions of the school council; additional items that may not be on the list can be added – ie. field, washrooms, role Council can play in supporting movement forward on these items (Rugby team wanted to pay for access to the field – update / approval from TDSB?) See:
  • Lori Rosenberg – Website clean-up, minutes being properly categorized, looking to be able to send emails via portal – access required, Liz to look into what has been done/fixed
  • Lucy McSweeny – No updates from FSLAC (French As a Second Language Committee)
  • Elena S. – parent engagement information night via Zoom? If parents are interested? – Topic: climate change? – find a speaker on this topic
  • Andrea Fry – Safe & Caring Schools – nothing to report
  • Liz Hanson – Chair updates:
    • LPRO – annual clean-up in Chatsworth Ravine – students can get volunteer hours – April 27th 
    • Grad events on preparing for university – speaking with recent alumni – if your university student would like to participate, let Liz know – watch The Eye for updates
    • Grad lawn signs – going to proceed – parents can order signs online 


Special Presentation: SHSM – Specialist High School Major for Fall 2023 (Teacher Derryl Fain)


  • Allows students to focus on a particular area of study, in this case, Business
  • University-recognized courses
  • First Aid, CPR, WHIMS training, 2 other types of certifications – Networking Workshop, Business Etiquette workshop, all provided at no charge
  • Student in a SHSM program have an average 1% higher than other students
  • Junior Achievement – “The Company Program” – students come up with a business plan, present their product
  • Grade 11 – Accounting, Marketing
  • Grade 12 – Business Leadership, Grade 12 Accounting, Sports & Entertainment Marketing (university level), plus 2 co-op credits
  • Science students can do co-op in a hospital/vet clinic (ie. this program is not only for students interested in pursuing Business in university)
  • Does not preclude FI students – Grade 10 Business in French being offered next year for the first time
  • 2 math credits in grade 12
  • Grade 10 Business – 6 sections this year
  • Grade 11 Marketing – 3 sections
  • Industry people come in to speak with students
  • Opt in in Grade 11 or Grade 12 (keep in mind that with a lot of certifications and co-op, this would be a lot during the graduating year)
  • Application process rather than an interview process for program registration
  • – if you have questions, feel free to email Derryl 
  • Any student who has successfully earned four credits in the listed Business Studies related courses is eligible for a Business Specialist Certificate or Business Specialist Certificate with Honours (an average of 85% or above).  Courses taken with TDSB eLearning will also be considered for the Business Specialist Certificate and does not need to be one of the courses listed below but must be within the Business Studies curriculum.


LPCI Courses that qualify are:


  • BBI2O Introduction to Business
  • BMI3C Marketing: Goods, Services, Events
  • BAF3M Financial Accounting Fundamentals
  • BAT4M Financial Accounting Principles
  • BBB4M International Business Fundamentals
  • BOH4M Business Leadership
  • CIA4U Analyzing Current Economic Issues


Principal Report – Michael Griesz



  • Thursday is P/T Interviews online; alternate times can be arranged if needed
  • Staff have provided updates on student grades
  • Washroom issue – male washrooms vandalized, some being closed for repairs
  • Litter in halls during lunch hour 
  • Covid protocol – we are a mask-friendly environment; each student and staff member are making their own decisions on masking
  • Vaping in washrooms – work with LP Safe & Caring Committee to develop an educational program for students, or work with Phys. Ed. Department; otherwise, vigilance around vaping
  • Covid Self-screening from Ministry of Education – perhaps send out again to remind parents/students about self-screening
  • Mid-semester Grade 12 marks will be released the week of April 25 (universities waiting for them)



Victoria Johnson-Lee VP


  • Grad Update – we can post in-person events, planning has started for Prom
  • Prom date is Friday, May 13 at the Liberty Grand (no longer in Vaughan)
  • Tickets opened on Monday – direct email to Gr. 12 students, prom IG account
  • 122 tickets have sold so far; expect ticket sales to pick up; sales will close next Monday
  • Commencement – proceeding with in-person plans, Wednesday, June 20 at 1pm @ Parkview Manor – planning with School Council helping
  • Yearbook representation – Grad Quotes due today (via Google form – check the latest Eye for the link), baby photos due April 15
  • Meeting soon with Commencement Committee re: Grad Hoodies


School Council

  • Currently 17 parents on council
  • We are open to new members to join for next school year




Motion to Adjourn: Steph Rickard-Chadda

Seconded: Ian Aukema