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Family Talk About Drinking – at Northern SS Library

Sent on behalf of the Northern SS Parent Council:

Alyson Schafer – Family Talk About Drinking
Tuesday Dec. 1st,  7:30-8:30 – Northern SS Library

Here’s what you’ll learn:
Teens today face enormous pressures that can put them at risk for underage drinking. Is there a way we can ease the stress and keep kids on a positive path?

Delivered by renowned parenting expert Alyson Schafer, Family Talk about Drinking gives parents and educators the tools and strategies required to navigate this important phase of development. The goal is to help adults better understand what is happening in the lives of teens and take an active role to prevent underage drinking.

Participants will learn:
·  How to get the conversation started
·  Major influences, including brain development, on teen decision-making and behaviour
·  How brain development affects teen decision-making and behaviour
·  Peer pressure: why kids are susceptible and how you can help
·  Parents are the #1influence – how to make the most of it

Parent and Community Engagement Workshops

Trustee Jennifer Arp is hosting her first ward forum “Parent Technology Night”

Tuesday February 3rd at 6pm.  Joyce Public School, 26 Joyce Parkway

Throughout the winter and spring, the Parent and Community Engagement Office and Community Use of Schools will be delivering a series of workshops on “Running an Effective School Council and Secondary Transitions”.

For workshop dates and locations visit: