Minutes – April 9th 2018

LPCI School Council Meeting

April 9th, 2018



Next Meeting:  May 7th, 7pm in the library


Attendees:  Kristine Chen, Liane Downs, Marina Maksimovic, Susanna Haga, Liz Hanson, Anne Marie Armstrong, Leslie Rowland, Dorothy Carson, Jennifer Wilmer, Julia Bai, Prafula Prabhu, Veronica Bak, Kelly Watson, Susan Young, Phil MacMillan, Amit Karia, Anne Maenhant, Angela Brown, Robin Conliffe, Gillian Wyatt, Suzanne Sparrow, Julie Sole, Sean Bergeron, Debora Bergeron, Anna Richter, Erika Boone, Jacqueline Fry, Kathlena Hancock

  1. Chair’s Report – Erika Boone


  • Approval of minutes moved to May 7th meeting
  • Development for 250 Lawrence
    • Well attended meeting, LP auditorium was full.
      • Mike Colle, MP was there, Jennifer Arp, Christine Carmichael Greb..
    • Information on the parent council website
    • Carmichael Greb & Erika met this week. To discuss potential Section 37 money from the development be considered for upgrading the LP field, track, greenspace widely used by the surrounding community.
    • Next step meet with Mike Colle.
  • Fix our School – push to get money to fix the schools.
    • Erika sent email to superintendant today over displeasure over wellness multipurpose Centre.
      • TDSB painting the room only. Erika’s going to take the pictures to fix our school and the process alone was a waste of money.
    • French Review for TDSB coming.
      • FSLAC – French as a second language advisory council. Upcoming meetings. Erika looking for anyone interested in supporting.
      • Concern is that Extended French will disappear.
    • Parents as Partners conference – April 28th
      • All day, any parents can attend. Kelly Green, Wellness parent, thinks agenda looks very robust.
    • Parent Social March 1st was a great success.
      • Raised $13,428.24
      • Amazing student talent entertained us.
      • We’d like to thank all parent volunteers who worked on the event.
      • Money goes towards Health and Wellness Room.
    • $6400 raised through direct campaign for LP, about 64 families.
      • Student enrichment fund on our Parent website
        • 7 applications for request for funding have come in.
        • Rugby shirts funded to have full set of rugby shirt, half pole for pole vault team, money to finish art mural, music dept (see website for full details)
        • Music Dept going on long east cost trip.
          • $19000 in bursary money asked to enable all kids to go. All kids that needed funding got to go. $1300 donated from parent council to ensure support these requests.
        • Positions for next year
          • If volunteers we could have additional committee chairs (Grad, ..).
          • Erika moves to past chair. Need chair role next year to run the meetings, else there will be no parent meetings next year.



  1. School’s Report – Principal Joel Gorenkoff
    • Communication
      • Thank you for partnership, moral support, financial support.
    • Important Dates:
      • Wed April 11, Room 217 – Student council elections coming up
      • April 10th – OSLT literacy test – 8:30 in classroom. Requirement for graduation
      • April 12th – Holocaust Assembly, survivor speaking to the kids. It will be positive/up beat about humanity.
      • Third report card distributed next week. For grade 12 it’s important. No parent teacher interview but contact teacher if need be.
      • April – Grade 12th drop, and can lose scholarships.
      • School Play – Thurs & Friday April 19,20. Anne of Green Gables. Kid Friendly. Tickets available.
      • End of April & May – Summatives start.
      • May – Wellness week beginning of may
      • May 3 – Music night.
      • May 4 – Prom


  1. Other Business
    • Ian Da Silva – Joined LP This year
      • Guidance Students with Last name starting Letters NU – Z
      • Did undergraduate at Western, and liked the flexibility of program 2+2, where he could also study Latin history, then worked in Recruitment and admissions at Western, along with other areas before coming to LP this year.
      • Building for a successful Future – Alternative Learning opportunities
        • Leaving students with the most options possible.
        • Presentation be posted on the LP Parent website
        • Pathways – University, Apprenticeship, College, Workplace, Community Living.
        • Many students going to college after university.
        • ca – can show what you can transfer your credits to, so more open for kids to know options if they change schools.
        • Key Websites:
        • Engineering – 5 of 6 courses are dictated for kids that they have to take. Some programs are very prescriptive of what the kids can take.
        • Grade ranges are fluid. If more applications the range goes up.
        • Look at requirements to apply for the program.
        • U = University bound credit; M – only level at colleges, don’t exist at U level business.
        • Recommended courses – not mandatory, but gives a hint that it may be a required down the road.
        • Colleges – have Sept, Dec, May intakes, vs Universities only September
          • $95 for 5 applications, Universities $150 for 3 applications.
        • Apprenticeship program
          • Great way to make money and feel passionate in 150 trades.
        • OSAP – income level has changed and access has changed.
          • $4,300 for highest income bracket, of that $2000 is a grant. Interest free until graduate.
          • Made up of federal and provincial. If out of province, only federal would apply.
        • Once you’re an award winner, others will give money to those that have won before.
        • STEP – Specialized Trade Exploration Program – within TDSB, Grade 11/12 students. Construction and Transportation focus.
        • TDSB Student Success learning to 18 – Dual credits
          • Dual Credit = look at presentation on LP Parent website. Take college level course while in high school. Used as reengagement strategy. 60-70 offerings per semester. No tuition and get ttc tickets to get there. Miss afternoon / week. Can be grade 11.
        • SWAC – School Within a College
          • School within a college. Morning / afternoon would be a the college with other TDSB students. Powerful reengagement program.
        • Preparing for University Applications
          • Applications open in November.
          • Supplementary applications
            • Be original, be yourself. Individual accomplishment and drive are important for them to understand the student.
          • Verification is more commonly checked with automated emails out to the verifiers.
          • Don’t bank on a deadline being a deadline. The website could go down if you’re a last minute person.

Ivey supplementals – want to know what you’ve done, not what you’ve learned, impact you had. Have references review application

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