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Welcome! Meet Your School Council

Back row: John Hiddema, Ian Aukema, Karen Barasch, Philip Roberts, Jen Dobson, Steph Rickard Chadda
Front row: Liz Hanson, Pamela Wilansky, Suzanne Duras, David Calloway

Back row : Elena Solokhina, Jen Tse, Lori Rosenberg
Front Row: Leigh Felesky, Andrea Fry, Principal Park
Pictures missing – Robin Conliffe & Lucy McSweeney  

MySchoolDay app – this app is replacing the “Credo” agenda at LPCI. It is easy to use, and is able to provide a great deal of information about your child’s day at school as well as more general information about the events in the LPCI community in one location. Go to your app store to download it for FREE.

Anti Bullying – Lets All Champion it!
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