MINUTES – May 8, 2017

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Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute

School Council Meeting

May 8, 2017

7:00pm, Library

Attendees:  E. Boone, J. Sole, A. Gray, G. Wyett, S. Paetkau, L. Rowland, A, Kawale, A. Richter, K. Hancock, C. Murphy, R. Conliffe, J. Rother, L. Hanson, D. Carson, J. Gorenkoff (Principal)

Student Council Update – Maya & Jenna

  • Poetry competition – happened in a week, and each day a different type of literature (Shakespeare/etc.)
  • Wellness week last week – different event each day at lunch. (eg Cookie grams, Zumba last Friday) – run by wellness club, with staff supervisor
  • Upcoming – Student Council Elections – Campaigning happening this week.
  • May Lyrics – This Thursday – Performance for all music ensembles
  • Fundraising – Charity week – Fundraised for the Maddie Project. Throughout the week each group had a different event.
  • United Artists by Drama group – fundraise for Milkbags unlimited
  • 24 Hour challenge – Held by LPAC – athletic student council – play sports all night – raise money for athletics dept, Right to Play and United Way
  • United way climb
  • Suggestion from School Council – Advertise more how much they raise. The student groups raise a lot of money for different groups.


  • Increase communication of the great fundraising the students are doing, and suggested to expand on homework chats to share more broadly

Principal’s remarks – Joel Gorenkoff – 3 months at LPCI

  • 1300 students, 85 staff at LPCI
  • He wants to ensure communication lines are open and if parents have an issue to let them know
  • Want to ensure parents are reading the Eye, and the school is working on the website. They have someone coming on board in September to lead digital literacy. School feels website is currently missing information
  • Staffing – it has been fluctuating, problematic. Many staff who have been on leave coming back next year. He’s focusing on stabilizing the teachers and making it a place they want to be. They did do some hiring for curriculum leaders as need do every 3 years. Just hired some new curriculum leaders that will follow his vision.
  • There will be teacher changes. We are declining a bit. We were at 141% 1300 kids, so a bit of decline and various teachers coming back from leave. He doesn’t see this as a bad thing.
  • His goal and PLC Professional Learning Committee – is to engage students and make classrooms where kids want to go.
    • Technology is used in a great way.
    • Excellent instruction and Assessment – they realize they’re competing against night school/private training
  • Commencement
    • June 6th – Grad breakfast for the students
    • June 22nd – Prom at palaise royal
    • June 28th – Commencement / Graduation – Monticassino
    • 314 Grads + guests and staff ..
    • Last year was done at the school with live streaming between the auditorium. School only accommodates 747
    • Routine for 2 tickets per student.
    • Includes anyone that’s graduating from the school – Including part time students.
    • Commencement committee – there is one parent request to be on the committee.
  • Grade 9 transitions
    • Purpose to welcome the grade 9s and extend over the grade 9 year.
    • To date: 2 night overnight Muskoka Woods / Camp Olympia (last 6 years)
      • Value seen by staff:
        • He sees great value in overnight
        • Fosters leadership for buddies, kids work with the younger kids
        • Orienting kids to grade 9
        • Build school spirit
      • Want to change to 3 full days of events – 2 at Thornhill Adventure Valley – focus on team building, character building
      • Dance for Grade 9, movie night, special events
      • Camp Olympia = $14000 coach buses and $21000 teacher days – very expensive
      • 3 days = 1/3 the cost. Don’t need coaches, school buses can be used
      • More kids would be able to participate
      • More full program that will be spaced throughout the year.
      • Fall and spring day at the camp. Winterlude event.
      • Wednesday morning – Mr DaSilva will take over this program from G. Whyte.
      • Request from Parents – bring back music camp that included Glenview.
    • Parents provided school $5,000 through fundraising to the Principal. This is where the funds went:
      • Paid for speaker for wellness week.
      • Supported DECA Business Competition – they bought formal jackets for the school. $300 – for use for all future DECA students
      • Support for at risk students $400
      • Anti-homophobia drama play
      • Bus that took kids to McMaster U for forensics trip
      • Beautifying plot in North End and with Toronto Police Service and making it night.
      • Grad Breakfast
      • Supported OFSA kids for skiing competition
      • Money towards commencement towards the flowers
    • Dates coming up:
      • Thursday May 11 – May Lyrics Music night
      • Summatives, Exams and Attendance
        • He’d like to aim to get exam schedule out earlier next year with April Report card – exam schedule will come out on Friday
        • This is summative Month – important for kids to attend. They’ve seen kids lose scholarships as they drift at the end as they drop 1,2%.
        • Exam schedule – sacred – you can’t miss an exam, be on time.
        • He wants to encourage attendance
        • Summatives should be meaningful and maximize marks
        • Typically Summatives start first week of May. Arts/phys-ed is project based, depends on the course.

School Council Update – Erika Boone

  • 2017/18 Meetings & Mandate
    • Erika – will be continue as chair; Julie Sole – Communications, Liz – Secretary, Gillian Wyett – stepping down as treasurer
    • Need 6 people on the committee, so need 2-3 more to join.
    • 6 dates – 3 in fall, 3 in winter/spring, Monday nights
    • Request for speaker topics (every second speaker) – Options after high school (Grade 11&12), Police, Career Path, Lesser known post Secondary Options,
    • University Visits – people coming are “how to apply” vs talking about what’s available,
    • Do by topic – social justice – and if interested what to do, Medical – and if interested what to do…; make something real around careers; educational innovation eg flip classroom in math
  • Staff Appreciation Breakfast
    • May 24th – Library – Looking for parent volunteers to bring in muffins, scones, fruit or help out! Any questions email Erika – erika_boone@icloud.com
  • Fundraising
    • Didn’t raise a lot of money last year – $12,000
    • Want better framework for donations. Eg:
      • LPCI Student enrichment fund
        • Form, with criteria,
        • Any classroom/group could request funding from our limited resources
        • Requirement – enrichment and number of students that it helps
      • Our direct donation funds would then be distributed
        • 50% to go back to these student groups or teachers
        • 10-15% – Student Success Fund – at Principal’s discretion for schools at LPCI that are in need, as the TDSB funding based on our LOI is low and not indicative of the need some of our students are facing
        • Staff Appreciation
        • Contingency fund
        • Cost of website/admin
        • Thank you gifts for speakers
      • Suggestions:
        • fundraising to bring people into the school and have ‘coffee corner’; small student play, music ..
        • One Fundraiser a year – Pubnight/Yard Sale – and know in advance what the funds will go towards.
        • Integrated db – Council meeting with Digital literacy program and piggy back council website off that.
        • Give student volunteer hours for student to run the website.

Motion to approve last months meeting – hold for next meeting.