What is the LP Council?

The Lawrence Park CI School Council provides a forum through which parents and other members of the school community can contribute to improving student achievement and school performance.  All parents of students at Lawrence Park CI are members of the School Council.  Meetings are held six times per year We hold monthly at the school. Each meeting includes briefings by the Principal and the staff, and we frequently have a themed presentation with a guest, devoted to a topic of special interest or concern to Lawrence Park CI parents. The Lawrence Park CI School Council gives financial support to a wide variety of student activities at the school. The Lawrence Park CI School Council works closely with the school administration and the staff, the Student Council,  to ensure that there is a real sense of community at Lawrence Park CI School Council.

LP School Council Credo and Staff handbook 2019/2020

Ontario Ministry of Education “School Councils:  A Guide for Members”

School Councils and Parent Involvement Committees – Education Act excerpt

School Council 101 – TDSB presentation

Executives of the Lawrence Park CI School Council are elected annually at the September School Council meeting, in accordance with the TDSB regulations. 

The LPCI School Council reviews fundraising requested by the school principal, and recommends to the LPCI Foundation the allocation of donations

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