All parents/caregivers of students attending LPCI are members of our Parent Council


Executive Members –  2019/2020 School Year

Chair: Liz Hanson
        Vice Chair: Kristen Glenister
Secretary: Anne Marie Armstrong
Treasurer: Ian Aukema
      Vice-Treasurer: John Hiddema
       Special Treasury Subcommittee Chair: John Hiddema
       Special Treasury Subcommittee Vice-Chair: Ian Aukema
Communications Chair: Julie Sole
      Communications Vice Chair: Marina Chernyak
Welcome Committee Chair: Liz Hanson
Wellness Committee Chair: Kelly Green
Equity Committee Co-Chairs: Ann Moffett
                                                       Alexander Sabharwal
Ward 8 Rep: Erika Boone
Past Chair and Community Member: Anna Richter
Safe & Caring School Rep: Resa Eisen
Facility Improvements Subcommittee Chair: Greg Speirs
Parent Engagement Subcommittee Chair: Karen Barasch
Fundraising Chair: Available
French as a Second Language Rep: Jennifer Tse

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