Direct Donation Disbursement

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LPCI Parent Council

Direct Donation disbursement


80%    LPCI Student Enrichment Fund

This money is applied for and decided on by members of both school administration and school council.  Goal is that these funds go towards experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom and support as many students as possible.


10%    LP Student Success

This money is available to be used at the Principal’s discretion and will go directly toward assisting our LPCI students who are at risk and could benefit from our community’s support (clothing, nutrition, subsidies for school events, other as needed requirements).


10%    Contingency fund

A minimum balance is required in the account.  We have minor costs associated with website support, and other miscellaneous administrative fees.  This contingency fund is capped at $1000.00


Additional Fundraising Events


Any proceeds from events or campaigns outside of direct donations will be used to fund special projects.  A pub night, rummage sale or silent auction would specifically benefit a chosen initiative (ie Health & Wellness Centre),  and would give our fundraising event a specific theme and goal to focus on.