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Getting involved is a great way to get to know other parents and what’s happening in the school and community.  And, we could really use your help. There are diverse opportunities for everyone.

Right now, we are seeking help with:

  Welcome Committee’s Social Subcommittee is looking for participants

   TDSB Seeking Input on Policy 23, Parent & Community Involvement Revisions

 “Volunteer opportunity to join committee and draft recommendations to the Board about how parents can help improve schools.”

 Received from Trustee Shelley Laskin:

 P023, Parent and Community Involvement Policy Review: Phase 1 – Over the course of the next year, review the scope of the revised Policy, to enhance and explore:

  • Evaluation of Parental Engagement Activities – Evaluating current parental engagement activities and developing measures to improve their overall effectiveness Parent and Community Engagement in the School Improvement Process (SIP) – At its meeting on November 28, 2018 the Board approved that policy and procedures be developed to create the way by which parents, students, community and trustees are informed and involved in the School Improvement Process.
  • Consideration of Parent Engagement Standards – Embed the MYSP-Build Strong Relationships and Partnerships Within School Communities to Support Student Learning and Well-Being by exploring engagement standards for the system.
  • Community Advisory Committees (CACs) – Consider revision of the governance model for Board’s (CACs) through alignment with the: Equity Policy; mandate of CACs as per Board directions from December 4, 2017, Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan and its five key goals: (1) Transform Student Learning; (2) Create a Culture for Student and Staff Well-Being; (3) Provide Equity of Access to Learning Opportunities for All Students; Page 115 APPENDIX D Policy Review Work Plan Page 3 of 6 (4) Allocate Human and Financial Resources Strategically to Support Student Needs; (5) Build Strong Relationships and Partnerships within School Communities to Support Student Learning and Well-Being; ensuring that the CACs role, membership and reporting relationship with the Board are clearly defined; adopting a common CAC governance model; ensuring that that CAC mandates and terms of reference are consistent with the Board’s Bylaws, policies and procedures.
  • Definition and Usage of the term Parent or Family – Align with the Boards Equity Policy, Ontario Human Rights Family Status Code grounds, the Ontario Humans Rights Commission directives and the Truth and Reconciliation Recommendations
  • Separating Community Engagement & Family Engagement – Consider parent engagement as outlined within the Parent Engagement Policy for Ontario Schools.

·         Volunteers – Define the role of volunteers; Explore guidelines for volunteering that aligns with TDSB’s best practices. 


b.    New Gym and Field Facilities SC Parent Committee

Are you a parent with experience designing, planning, building or financing  multi-million dollar facilities projects with complex approvals? Calling volunteers to participate on the Triple Gym and Field Improvements Proposal.  Please email lpschoolcouncil@gmail.comfor more info.

c.    SC EXECUTIVE: the following roles are waiting for candidates:

 Chair & Vice-Chair Or 2 Co-Chairs

Ward 8 Rep

Attend approximately 4 or 5 Ward  8 meetings during the school year held by our Trustee, Shelley Laskin, meet parents and administrators from other Ward 8 schools, develop a more detailed understanding of board functions, policies and decisions that impact LPCI and have opportunity to raise awareness of issues affecting our school to the trustee, and report back on the meetings to parents at school council.

 Communications Vice Chair

Shadow and assist Communications Chair as required with mass emails, notifications on the new MySchoolDay app, social media postings, and website, with a view to assuming the role of chair in Fall 2020

****Please note, if more than 1 candidate is nominated, roles on the SC Executive will be determined by a vote.  A motion to acclaim will be put forth for roles that have only one nominee.

 Interested in getting involved or obtaining more information? contact us at: