Timetable changes at LPCI

LPCI has undertaken to change the timetable model from a full-year program to a semestered one. As the process continues we will post information here in order to assist you to understand what this means to the students and families of LPCI

In conclusion to the presentation made by Admin, staff and students of LPCI on April 25 the School Council shared the following statement – click here

Open letter to Principal Flahat re: potential timetable change – read

Volunteerism down and stress higher for teachers who have no prep time with semesters: https://bctf.ca/publications/NewsmagArticle.aspx?id=20640

 TDSB procedure for timetable changes PR542 –read here

OISE – added pressure of semesters on teachers  and students (2014) https://legacy.oise.utoronto.ca/research/field-centres/TVC/RossReports/vol9no2.htm


Condensed semesters improves academic performance and learning (higher education,): http://www.afa-srjc.org/senate_AustinGustafson.pdf


Science achievement in semester and all?year courses, by David J. Bateson in March 1990. We have no access to the full article, but the abstract is as below:

The study investigated the effects of full?credit semester and all?year timetables on science attitudes and science achievement of grade?10 students in British Columbia. All grade?10 students in British Columbia completed multiple matrix sampled assessment instruments in May of 1986. These instruments provided background information, affective scores, and cognitive scores which were used to compare the groups. It was found that, contrary to reported teacher perceptions of semester versus all?year courses, students in the all?year courses consistently outperformed both first? and second?semester students in the cognitive domains tested, and there were no significant differences in the affective domains. The finding that second?semester students out?performed the first?semester students casts doubt on the reported teacher perception that knowledge retention is of little concern under a semester system.